Daily DIY: The 2020 Time Capsule

There are plenty of parts of this year we’d rather forget about, but it’s important to capture the memories your kids made, even in 2020. And the perfect way to do that? Building a time capsule with them. Taking the time to work on the project with them also gives you the perfect chance to reflect back on the year and talk about how they feel about COVID, remote learning and everything they’ve been through. So you get built-in bonding time with this DIY activity.

When it comes to actually making the time capsule, you’ll need to decide where you want to store it first. If it’s going in the back of the closet, wooden materials are okay, but if you’re planning to bury it in the backyard? Not so much. You can use anything from an airtight plastic box to an old thermos or metal lunch box as the container and then your child will have to decide what to include inside.

You may want to include their physical features, like their height and age and then you can both contribute things you think belong inside. You’ll probably know what your kid will want to remember as an adult based on your own experiences, but be sure to let your child add things they like so it’s very personal to them at this moment in time. Some items to consider including:

  • Photos and videos - either on a flash drive or in print.
  • Family handprints
  • Newspaper
  • Homework assignments or a letter from their teacher
  • A journal
  • A letter from your child to their future self, letters from family to your kid’s future self
  • Any other mementos that are meaningful to your kid

Source: Moms.com

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