Tips For Eating Well in 2021

Many of us started the New Year with a resolution to eat better, but what does that really mean? For one, it means not stressing about all the stress eating you’ve probably been doing. While there’s a lot we can’t control in the world right now, we are in charge of what we put into our bodies. These tips can help you get a jump-start on fueling your body to feel better in 2021.

  • Listen to your body- Shift your focus from counting calories and judging food choices to learning to recognize your internal feelings of hunger and eating more mindfully.
  • Load up on immunity-boosting foods- Fill your plate with healing nutrients to help keep you healthy. Foods like citrus fruits, kale, sweet potatoes, beans and fatty fish are full of vitamins and minerals that support a healthy immune system and eating them may help give you a sense of control over your health. And try an antioxidant-rich matcha latte, the vitamin D in the milk helps the body produce proteins that kill bacteria and viruses and the matcha green tea powder is packed with EGCG, an antioxidant that may strengthen the immune system.
  • Eat more “processed” foods- Not the ultraprocessed stuff, like packaged desserts, but nutritious frozen and canned foods that can easily be added to healthy meals. Stock up on canned beans, tuna and tomatoes, nut butters and frozen fruits and veggies so you have good stuff on hand and can shop less often.
  • Experiment with new recipes- Cooking at home can help you eat more nutritious foods and finding new foods to try to make can give you a sense of accomplishment. If you’re a kitchen newbie, start with learning some basics, like an omelet, a grilled cheese and a spaghetti dish. For seasoned cooks, find a cookbook that challenges your skills or introduces you to a new cuisine.
  • Plantify your dishes-Dr. Robert Graham, who’s board certified in both internal and integrative medicine says 80% of chronic diseases we face are preventable and reversible by eating a more plant-based diet. Some easy swaps? Turn your Taco Tuesday veggie by skipping the meat and using black beans or leave the meat out of your favorite lasagna recipe and add some broccoli and peppers instead.
  • Drink more water- Staying hydrated is crucial for optimal health, so keep downing fluids and water-rich foods, like fruits, vegetables and soups.

Source: CNN