Daily DIY: Tips on Throwing an Awesome Galentine's Day

No one loves Galentine’s Day more than Leslie Knope from the show “Parks and Recreation.” She made the made-up holiday popular back in 2010 and said, “February 13th, Galentine’s Day, is all about celebrating lady friends.” Since you can’t get together in person, you and your besties can bust out a candy heart background and party on Zoom. Here’s how to host a Galentine’s Day event that would make Leslie proud.

Before the party:

  • Send out Galentine's Day invitations- Create a customized invitation on sites like Paperless Post or Evite so your BFFs know what you’re planning.
  • Choose a festive Zoom background- It’s a holiday, so you’ll need a themed background to go with it, like a neon love sign or a photo of you and your squad. And you can never go wrong with the classic candy hearts.
  • Choose a dress code- Tell the gals what to wear, like red and pink everything or festive PJs, or you can switch things up and ask them to come dressed as an inspiring woman likeFrida Kahlo,RBGorOprah.

During the party:

  • Brunch & cocktail hour- If you want everyone to have the same meal, you’ll need to send them a menu beforehand. You can also choose a Galentine's-themed cocktail and vote on whose looks the best and the winner gets to be in charge of next year’s Galentine’s Day celebration.
  • Take a virtual class- Bond with the gals while you learn mixology, baking or some other virtual class together.
  • Get to know your besties better with Galentine's trivia- Find out how well you know each other by having each friend submit a few fun facts about themselves, like who your first crush was. Then play a few rounds of trivia to see who knows the group best.
  • End on a sentimental note- The holiday is all about making friends feel loved, so tell them in handwritten note - or email, if that’s your thing.

Source: Bustle

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