Crazy Cleaning List Goes Viral

It’s not uncommon for folks to have chores to do around the house, but one woman shared a list of daily cleaning responsibilities and it has the Internet baffled.

A woman posted the list, which can be purchased on Etsy, on the Facebook group Clean, Declutter, Organize Your Home UK, and many folks are not down with it at all. The list gives a detailed, day-to-day, playbook of everything that needs to be done in order to have a “clean” and “happy home,” and it certainly is intense. 

The list devotes each day to a different part of the home with Monday being “bedroom day,” Tuesday “bathroom day,” Wednesday “kitchen day,” Thursday “living room day” and Friday alternating between four different responsibilities, including cleaning appliances, cabinets, walls and baseboards and more. Saturday is even marked as “outside day,” with Sunday the only day of rest. Each day then gives specific duties involved, and what needs to be done. Check out the complete list here.

The list is so detailed that folks on the Internet are having none of it, with many noting that it’s far from realistic.

  • “Is this from the '50s? No way is that going to happen in my house,” on person wrote, “I am worn out just looking at it."
  • "None of that's on my list,” another added, “I enjoy life too much and my home is clean what a load of rubbish.”
  • Finally, a third commented, “I’m shattered looking at that." 

Source: The Mirror

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