Dogs Stays With Hiker Stranded for Seven Freezing Nights

A devoted dog stayed by his owner’s side for seven nights after the man fell and broke his ankle during a hike. Ash, a mixed breed dog, remained with the man despite the freezing temperatures in the foothills of the Julian Alps in northeast Italy.

The unnamed 33-year-old man tells officials that he slipped in a canal and he couldn’t call for help because there was no cell signal in the area. When his girlfriend reported him missing, a mountain rescue team began searching for him by helicopter. They spotted him thanks to the “metallic glimmer” of his thermal blanket and found him “wounded and bruised, but conscious” and Ash was still by his side.

The man was “thirsty and hungry” when he was rescued and says he “managed to survive thanks to the company of the dog.”

Source: Fox News

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