Friends Who Bonded Over Being Adopted Learn They’re Biological Sisters

Two women who met and became friends while working at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut, back in 2013 have just discovered they’re actually biological sisters.J ulia Tinetti, 31 and Cassandra Madison, 32, bonded over both being born in the Dominican Republic and adopted from there.

They hit it off, became close and people would often comment that they looked like sisters, but their adoption papers didn’t back that up. Their last names were different, their mothers’ names were different and the papers said they were from two different cities. In 2018, Madison’s adopted mom gave her a 23andMe genetic testing kit, which led to her finding relatives and a cousin connected her to her biological father, Adriano Luna Collado.

Unfortunately, her mother passed away in 2015, but her dad shared that they had nine kids all together, including another daughter who was adopted. With that news, Madison pushed Tinetti to take a DNA test and the results came back last month showing the women are indeed sisters. “It’s exciting,” Madison says. “Especially since Julia and I were already friends.”

Source: ABC News

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