Small Town Honors Long-time UPS Driver

Dauphin, Pennsylvania, is a tiny town with just under 800 residents, no traffic lights and one UPS driver. Chad Turns has been delivering packages for UPS in Dauphin for over a decade and he not only knows everyone’s names, he goes out of his way to take care of them. And since the pandemic hit and everyone started ordering online more, he’s been even busier, “working Christmas-style hours for 365 days,” according to resident Jenny Shickley.

Locals talk about how he won’t deliver something he suspects is a gift for the kids when they’re playing in the yard and once when someone wasn’t home to sign for a package Turns thought was important, he drove to their parent’s house to get them to sign for it. The people of Dauphin wanted to show their appreciation, so Shickley organized a “Thank you, Chad.”

She set up a fundraiser and it received just over $1,000 in donations, which they gave Turns as a big group gift. They surprised him with the event, where everyone cheered and held signs to thank him as his brown delivery truck pulled up. It moved him to tears, but they were the happy kind. “It was very overwhelming,” Turns says. “The idea that they even thought of me to do anything … to go above and beyond and do what they did was truly amazing to me.”

Source: Today

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