Family Dog Saves Other Dog Drowning in a Pool!

A family in South Africa is grateful for their dog, who became a hero by saving their other dog from drowning. Byron Thanarayen and his wife weren’t at their home in Boksburg City at the time, and when they returned and found both dogs wet, they were confused.

So they checked security camera footage and saw the whole thing unfold. The video shows their smaller dog,Chuky, falling into the backyard pool. Luckily, their larger dog,Jessie, was right there and started working to save him. He kept trying to rescue Chuky, but apparently, his wet fur kept causing him to slide out of Jessie’s mouth.

The very good dog didn’t give up and after 34 long minutes, Jessie successfully lifted Chuky from the pool. Byron says both of their dogs know how to swim, but they always do it when their owners are home. He also says watching that video was “heart-wrenching” and they’re now in the process of installing a fence around the pool to make sure it never happens again.

Source: Fox News

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