Deputy Saves Woman By Lifting SUV Off Her After Crash

We showed you the video of a Virginia deputy lifting a vehicle off a woman to save her life and now we have more details on the story. Deputy Jon Holt with the Gloucester Sheriff’s Office was responding to an overturned vehicle with the driver trapped underneath the SUV with her head pinned by the sunroof and his bodycam footage shows him spring into action to free her.

Holt is seen running to the SUV and the woman’s daughter is heard yelling, “She can’t breathe” and her son is crying “Mommy.” The deputy remains calm as he coaxes the boy out, saying, “Come here buddy.” And then Holt uses Herculean strength to lift the SUV, which weighs more than 4-thousand pounds, ALL BY HIMSELF! It’s just a few seconds, but it’s long enough for her to get free.

The Army veteran says his military training kicked in when he needed it most. “I don’t know if it was sheer adrenaline, sheer will, but I knew what I had to do,” Holt recalls. “It’s what we train for and I’m no hero. I’m just an average cop who gets put in extraordinary situations.”

Source: WTKR

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