Nate's 3 Things - Monday, January 31st

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1. Nick Cannon might be adding another bun to his pantry. The 'Wild 'N Out' host was photographed hosting a gender reveal party with Bre Tiesi, former NFL Quarterback, Johnny Manziel's ex-wife. It has not been confirmed whether or not the baby boy is Nick's or if Nick and Bre are actually together, but this would be Nick's 8th child overall and will be his 5th in the last two years if it is in fact his.

2. Dr. Oz was to the rescue this past weekend. He was next to speak a Pennsylvania Republican Caucus Meeting when a state committee member collapsed. He rushed over to him, making it in time to help lower him to the ground. By the time EMS arrived, the man had regained consciousness. Dr. Oz not only still made his scheduled appearance to speak, but got lunch with the man afterwards.

3. You can now get to-go alcohol from restaurants in Delaware regardless of a global pandemic! Governer John Carey plans to sign a bill into law that will allow drive-thru and takeout alcohol sales officially legal and permanent. You will have to buy at least $10 of food to get a to-go drink and has other restrictions, but you don't have to worry about sipping out in public this Summer!

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