Chris Rock Benefiting from 'Slap Heard Round the World'

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1. Chris Rock is for sure benefitting off of 'The Slap Heard Round The World'. Chris Rock’s Ego Death World Tour kicks off tonight in Boston. He has yet to speak out after Will Smith slapped him at the Oscars. Ticket sales and prices have gone up since Sunday. At this point, the Friday show is sold out.

2. The online resource has just announced their latest word additions. They added 235 new words, 72 new definitions in existing entries, and 1,024 revised definitions. New words include chair yoga, anti-vaxxer, memeify, throuple and more.

3. East Wilmington is represeting on the new NBC show, 'American Song Contest'. Nitro Nitra, a Charter School of Wilmington graduate will make her debut on the show soon. The show has not yet released the exact date of her appearance on the show, but the next chance she could be on is next Monday, April 4th.

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