Hailey Bieber's 'Chaotic' Kitchen Tour Leaves Viewers Speechless

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In a three-minute YouTube video posted by Hailey Bieber, the lifestyle icon takes viewers on a tour of her opulent yet self-described "chaotic" kitchen.

Bieber showcases her grand marble-covered culinary haven that she shares with her husband Justin, which is widely recognized as serving as the backdrop for her cooking series, "What's in My Kitchen?"

The centerpiece of Bieber's kitchen is a massive, featuring six burners, a grill, a griddle and two ovens. She also proudly displays a neatly labeled spice shelf and a countertop adorned with the accompanying spices, cooking utensils, a slow cooker and two Instant Vortex air fryers, justifying the need for multiples due to simultaneous cooking endeavors.

Dropping in a bit of product placement for her brand Rhode Skin, she highlights a black catchall dish holding keys, sunglasses and a peptide lip treatment.

Bieber then features original art pieces by her multi-talent musician husband with eye-catching phrases like "GOT MILK."

The tour extends to an herb garden on their deck, visible from the large kitchen window, and a coffee, tea and matcha station. Opening her mug cabinet reveals a mix of chic glassware and colorful, mismatched cups, too.

Although she shies away from revealing the entire contents of her fridge, which fans hoped to see the most, she still hints at a possible collaboration with Cosmic Bliss, an organic ice cream company, stored in her separate freezer.

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