Hi friend! You’ll hear that a lot when you’re listening to Andi & Bob. Andi Kurzweg and Bob Hauer are two friends who spend everyday with their friends: you! Listening to Andi & Bob is always a positive, uplifting, and laugh-filled experience. They’re just trying to be the best part of your day! 😊

Andi’s infectious laugh and smile can brighten even the dimmest day.  She gets her upbeat personality from her Mama, who is her role model, and tries to instill the same mind-set in her daughter.  Known for her love of nature and animals, Andi has multiple rescue pets (her husband would say too many) and she’s committed to helping homeless pets find new homes. Andi focuses on finding the good in people and in every situation.  Life is good!

Bob will tell you he’s just lucky to be here.  The son of a cancer survivor who worked the same blue-collar job for 45 years, Bob learned by example the value of hard work and loyalty. Pair that with his mother, who for decades taught preschool and kindergarten, Bob’s love of children and willingness to put others first is second nature. Bob’s dream growing up was to become a husband and a father…which he is. He spends his free time with his wife Dani, two sons (Brodey and Caidan) and his daughter Kenley Grace.