Lady A vs Lady A: A Legacy vs A Brand

What started out as a simple miscommunication, has now entered the legal realm. That's right, Lady A is suing Lady A!!!


The country band Lady A, made it clear they aren't seeking money or forcing the blues singer Lady A, Anita White, to change her name, despite seeking the rights to the name.

To make this easier, I will refer to Anita White as Lady A and the band formally known as Lady Antebellum, as the band.

This comes as a stark contrast to a few weeks ago, when Lady A and the band discussed the situation, eventually leading to the band and Lady A talking about the potential of recording a song together. However, that seems now unlikely to happen after the band sent Lady A a letter that had "No substance" according to Lady A. See the article for more.

This situation should have never escalated to this level. Now the court system will decide.


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