Self-Care Tips for the Holidays in 2020

Every year people complain about the stress of going home for the holidays, but this Thanksgiving? Not so much. Climbing COVID cases are throwing a wrench in holiday plans for many folks and not all of them are into the idea of spending Thanksgiving alone - especially if it’s the first time they’re not going to be with family. If you’re feeling down about missing turkey day with your loved ones, these self-care tips can help make the day - and week - easier.

  • Schedule your favorite things- Make time for things you love to do or that make you feel good every day of Thanksgiving week to help you feel more like yourself.
  • Reframe your thinking- It’s tough to be away from your loved ones and traditions, but try to look at the time as a solo vacation instead. If you’re feeling lonely or stressed about it, thinking of it as a time for resting, recharging and relaxing can make the time feel well-spent.
  • Treat yourself- This holiday is based around food, so get in all of your favorites. Maybe that includes Thanksgiving dinner standards, maybe it’s pizza and ice cream. The best part is the choice is totally up to you.
  • Volunteer- Giving back is to help yourself by helping others. Psychotherapist Kristina Zufall explains that altruism is a “powerful antidepressant,” so lift your spirits by volunteering for the less fortunate.
  • Binge-watch “30 Rock”- Or any comedy that gets you giggling. Laughing can boost positive chemicals in your body, so a marathon of your favorite funny show can totally be self-care.
  • Reach out to others- If you’re spending Thanksgiving alone, don’t be afraid to let your friend circle know. Some of them may be doing the same thing and you guys can be good support for each other.
  • Remember what the day is about- Even if you’re not celebrating the holiday with your family in the usual way, you can still take time to remember what you’re thankful for this year.

Source: Bustle