Mental Health Tips For 2021

Now that the end of 2020 is finally in sight, some of us are looking back and wondering how we survived. We’ve all done our best to make it through the challenges and stress and self-care has helped us do it. Coping mechanisms like these that we’ve leaned on this year will continue to help us deal with what the new year brings.

  • Making space for intentional alone time- We used to get solitude during our commutes and in passing everyday life, but these days, we may need to carve out our “me time” in order to make it happen. Get creative to find your solitude because a little time and space of your own helps you reset and recharge.
  • Getting cozy in the kitchen- Being home more this year has given us more time to spend in the kitchen and many folks have found cooking has become one of the few things they feel like they’ve had total control over. Perfecting old recipes and trying new ones is a sort of therapy and self-care and can continue to be in 2021.
  • Playing video games- Clinical psychologistAimee Daramussays gaming helps us cope by giving us a break from our stress and anxieties. And science backs this up, with studies showing video games can helpimprove mood, ease anxiety and provide a sense of calm.
  • Pounding the pavement- Running helps some people get perspective, with the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other and knowing the finish line is still far off in the distance helping you pace through the pandemic.
  • Prioritizing community- Having to be physically distanced from each other this year has helped make us more aware of how crucial our community is to our well-being. Virtual communities have popped up all over the Internet and being connected like that makes us feel less alone.

Source: Well and Good