WIN: All Items from the BIG GAME!!!!!

The Super Bowl is advertising’s biggest event every year and DoorDash has found a way to make it even bigger. The food delivery service is making history with a sweepstakes that’s explained in their 30-second ad. According to the promo, one fan will get the chance to win every single thing - from a 30-pound tub of mayonnaise to a 2024 BMW - that’s advertised in a commercial during the Super Bowl.

“DoorDash will DoorDash stuff from all the commercials – awarding one lucky winner with items advertised throughout the duration of the game,” the company says. “From cars to snacks to desserts, self-care products and even tax service, DoorDash will give it all away.”

So how do you win? To enter:

  • Watch the Super Bowl on February 11th and bookmark DoorDash’s promo website,
  • Then “crack the code” in DoorDash’s Super Bowl commercial and enter it on the site.
  • Keep your fingers crossed that you’re the winner of all those prizes, including a $50-thousand check to use toward a dream home, Popeye’s wings to feed over 150 people and 700-plus packs of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Source: Mashed

Photo: Getty Images

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