Have a Sexy Dream About a friend? "It is completely normal" Says Therapist!

If you've ever had a sex dream about your best friend, you can stop freaking out now. Sex therapist Dr. Gary Brown told elite daily that a sex dream doesn't always indicate sexual interest. "(It) may simply mean that you feel a strong emotional connection with them," Brown said. "It is completely normal." However, having a sex dream about a BFF could indicate an unconscious sexual curiosity about them, particularly if your are having them repeatedly--but even that doesn't necessarily mean anything, but should prompt you to examine your feelings about that person. "Should you find that you have deeper feelings for your friend, and you trust that you are safe to do so, consider approaching your best friend to let them know," Brown said.

Elite Daily - Here's What It Means If You Have A Sex Dream About Your Best Friend, According To A Sex Therapist


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