Nashville Cop & Her Boo Arrested Drunken Hammer Fight

To quote a certain '90s rapper, "Please hammer, don't hurt 'em!" A Nashville cop and her boyfriend were arrested this week after they got into a drunken hammer fight that reportedly left their home in ruins. Detective Megan Hoffman and boyfriend Jonathan Mahoney were both arrested Tuesday after cops were called to their home around 2:30 a.m. While Hoffman claimed Mahoney struck her with a hammer, he countered that Hoffman "destroyed the house" and punched him in the face after they'd been arguing about breaking up and drinking. Mahoney also said the house's surveillance system would prove who was the instigator, but the system's recorder was busted in the fight and the cables connecting it to a DVR had been ripped out. The home's computer monitor was also "busted and inoperable" and "there was also a large hole in the bedroom door and the bedroom was in complete disarray," according to police reports. Deputies ultimately decided to charge both of them with domestic assault.

Tennessean - Metro Police officer arrested on domestic assault charge in Cheatham following breakup with boyfriend


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