Get Paid $70,000 to Be Rob Lowe's Assistant

If you want to get paid for waiting on someone hand and foot, Rob Lowe could be your next employer.According to TMZ, the actor is in the market for a personal assistant, but the job has specific and unusual requirements…like these:Never assume anythingEnsure the CLIENT [Rob] is fed and has coffee throughout the daySchedule haircuts every episode for the CLIENTEnsure that the CLIENT HAS A DINNER PLAN IF ARRIVING HOME LATER THAN 8 PM in the eveningMake sure you let Estate staff know if the CLIENT wants a Jacuzzi turned on or a massage ordered for his arrivalWilling to travel on location as requested and serve as the CLIENT'S body manAble to lift up to 25 pounds as required to support THE CLIENTThe job pays 70-thousand dollars a year and, well, you get to be around Rob Lowe!

Source: TMZ