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What You Want for Valentine's Day Based on Your Astrological Sign

Not sure what to get for the one you love - or at least like LIKE this Valentine’s Day? We totally get it. There’s a lot of pressure to make the perfect plans and get the right gift, but it’s not always easy. So for those who need a helping hand, this is how your S.O. would like to feel the love this holiday, according to their horoscope.

Aquarius - Since they’re into trying new things, this is the perfect chance to try a restaurant you’ve never eaten at before or check out that new exhibit at the science museum.

Pisces - These sentimental types will love anything that reminds them of all the memories you’ve made together, so a photo book or a mix CD of your favorite songs will surely impress your Pisces.

Aries - Before you make any plans, check with your Aries sweetie first, since they really like to be in charge. And a quiet night in probably isn’t their first choice for a romantic Valentine’s celebration, but going out to an event could be.

Taurus - Don’t worry about making reservations at a crowded bistro for Valentine’s Day when your laid-back Taurus would be just as happy with a romantic dinner at home. And if you’re stumped about a gift, a book about something they’re really interested in is always a good choice.

Gemini - Forget the stereotypical Valentine’s dinners and engage your Gemini’s sharp mind by heading to a top-notch comedy show instead.

Cancer - If your sweetheart is a Cancer, they won’t care about how much you spend for Valentine’s Day, it’s the time you spend thinking of them that counts. So pour out your feelings in a handwritten love letter or frame a pic of you both to make your partner’s heart happy.

Leo - It’s not the money you spend that’ll impress your Leo, but they are suckers for huge gestures, so whatever you do - go big! Lots of attention is always good too.

Virgo - Your Virgo won’t be happy with some cliche Valentine’s celebration, so keep them happy with a tasteful, romantic dinner out or a quiet dinner for two at home. And don’t just hit the drugstore for a last-minute present, a genuine, thoughtful gift is the only way to go with a Virgo.

Libra - If you want to show your Libra some love this holiday, plan something visually pleasing, like going to an art show or a botanical garden. You know your sweetie likes to have the best, so avoid the predictable and keep it interesting to keep them happy.

Scorpio - This super sexual sign is probably more interested in the post-dinner activities than the meal itself, so get home and get to the real celebration to wow your Scorpio this Valentine’s Day.

Sagittarius - This fun-loving, adventurous sign would love spending Valentine’s Day doing something active with you. Your Sagittarius will appreciate experiencing something new and doesn’t care as much about the traditional romantic part of the holiday.

Capricorn - Celebrating Valentine’s Day with tickets to the theater, a concert, or an art show is a great way to show your Capricorn you care.Source: The Berry

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