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81% of People Celebrating Valentine's Day

While some people may consider Valentine’s Day a holiday created to boost sales of greeting cards, flowers and chocolates, there are others that still take the holiday very seriously, and they have some major expectations when it comes to the most romantic day of the year.

According to a new poll, 81% of folks in the U.S. plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day today, and a lot of them expect it to end with some action between the sheets. 

In fact, 55% say they expect sex on Valentine’s Day, while only 34% don't.

As for how much they’ll be spending on their loved ones, the most popular range is between $100 and $500 (23%), although 16% of people say they’ll either spend between $75 an $100, or $50 and $75. 

There are a few that will do a major splurge, with 5% spending more than $1,000, although there are some cheapskates too, with 3% saying they’ll spend $10 or less.

The most popular Valentine’s Day purchases include: 

  1. Chocolates (63%)
  2. Dinner (43%) 
  3. Flowers (39%),

What are you doing this Valentine's Day/

  • 60% of folks' Valentine's Day plans include dinner
  • 33% going out to a movie 
  • 37% going out to a movie

Other results of the survey include:    

  • 46% of people think they should have the day off from work for Valentine’s Day    
  • 17% of people have said “I love you” for the first time on Valentine’s Day
  • 68% agreeing that it’s a good time to say “I love you” for the first time    
  • 71% of people believe Valentine’s Day proposals are not cheesy 
  • 12% admitting they popped the question on Valentine’s Day    
  • 68% of people will include their children on Valentine’s Day    
  • 48% of folks say they purchase gifts for others on V-Day because they feel obligated    
  • 53% of people say they purchase their Valentine’s Day gifts one week prior to the holiday

Source: The Business Journal

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