Basic Rules for Finding Love

Love may be about feelings, but in order to find it, logic needs to be in the forefront.The “Today” show has gathered some wisdom on how best to find love. 

Just remember “KISS”: Keep it simple stupid. That’s all it takes.

  1. Don’t rest on your laurels. You’ve got to forget about ‘letting love come to you.” On the other hand, don’t be desperate.
  2. Go where you will meet people who like what you like.
  3. Ditch your phone. How do you expect to meet your match if you stare longingly into your phone all the time?
  4. Don’t focus on romance, go for a partnership.
  5. Skip instant sexual attraction. It fades in time. Keep reminding yourself of this.
  6. Understand your own needs. Makes sure you know what you need before you bring someone else in. That’s bound to be a trainwreck.

Source: Today