Midge the Chihuahua Police Dog Becomes Viral Sensation

Meet Midge, the first Chihuahua to ever become a police dog. The pint-sized pooch has become a viral sensation after being featured on a recent episode of ITV's The Secret Life of Dogs for spending the past 10 years working with the Ohio County Sheriff's Office. 

"It's not the most macho thing to be a police officer with a dog that might look like she might belong to Paris Hilton, but you don't have to be the biggest kid on the block to do good things," Ohio County Sherriff Dan McClelland explains. "She's gotten numerous arrests... she can do in minutes what it might take us hours or days to do." 

In fact, Midge's nose is sensitive enough to detect 10 different types of narcotics and her small size allows her to reach spaces that traditional police dogs, like the German Shepherd, can't reach. And she uses a "knowing stare" to let her partner know when she's found something fishy. "I personally wouldn't like to have a German Shepherd," McClelland says. "I like to think I have something just as good, but in a smaller package."

Source:  Daily Mail