Being Single is Good for Your Health

If you’re trying to justify being happy and single, we’re here to help.You generally get barraged with “why aren’t married yet” comments often, well now you can explain, thanks to science, that being solo has serious medical benefits! 

Here are a few:    

  • Singles are more fit. Several studies show single people get out and exercise more.    
  • Singles eat healthier. There’s a reason they refer to married people as being “fat and happy.” Solos are slimmer and happy!   
  • There’s less money stress. You only have you to blame for money woes. So have of the complaining is gone. 
  • Singles maintain relationships of all kinds better.    
  • Singles typically are more attentive toward their friends, family, and even their neighbors than married people. Additionally, the friendships of single people tend to last longer.

Now that you know, celebrate your singleness!

Source: Bustle