Mating Amphibians Cause Road Closure in PA

When the weather's just right, amphibians in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area are looking for love. In order to help them in their quest, a road is closed overnight...every mating season.

Since 2003, part of Pennsylvania's River Road is closed from 5pm to  6:30am so drivers don't squash spotted salamanders, wood frogs, and  spring peepers on their way to breed.

What's more, the National Park Service invites people to come watch  what they've dubbed the "lovers crossing"... and people take them up on  their offer. "I've wanted to do this for years, and I finally got here  and we're going to wait and see what happens," Kate Andrew says. "I think it’s terrific. I think we need to do more of this kind of stuff."

Source: WNEP