14 Everday Items You Can Put in the Washing Machine

Because there's nothing like a good cleaning hack to make household  chores easier, Buzzfeed has come out with a list of 14 everyday items  that you probably didn't know are actually machine-washable. Here are  several things you can toss into the washer without worry (check the  link for the full list):

  • Backpacks: If  they're made out of canvas or another washable material, you can wash  them in cold water. Put them in a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag so the  straps don't get tangled up in the machine.
  • Gym bag:  Follow the same steps to washing a backpack, but also turn your gym bag  inside out before washing to make sure the grossest parts get cleaned.
  • Pillows:  It's good to wash these every couple months. Check the label for  washing instructions, and note that foam pillows are not safe for  machine-washing.
  • Duvets: Also known as comforters or  doonas, they are best washed with cool or warm water on a gentle cycle  in a really big machine. (Visit the laundromat if your machine isn't big  enough.)
  • Shower curtains: Plastic ones can go in with a  load of towels; wash like normal, or add a cup of baking soda or vinegar  if they're extra-stained.
  • Sneakers: Wash with a load of towels on a gentle setting.
  • Yoga mat:  So long as yours specifically tells you not to machine-wash it, and so  long as you don't have an agitator in your machine, you should be good  to go.
  • Plush toys: Wash your kids' stuff animals in a  pillowcase on a gentle cycle with a tiny bit of detergent. Then let them  hang in the sun for a day to make sure they're dry.
  • Rugs and mats: Persian rugs are a no-no, but your everyday rugs are made for the wash.
  • Reusable grocery bags: Use cold water on plastic-coated bags, and mix them in with your regular cold wash.

Source:  Buzzfeed