England Town Considers Ban on Swearing

The town of  Rochdale in England is considering whether to ban swearing and other  "anti-social behavior" in public spaces. ITV reports that the measure  would subject those caught "using foul and abusive language" to a  warning, fine or removal from the area. It would also potentially ban  loitering, playing loud music, revving car engines, and street drinking.  

Rochdale council leader Richard Farnell says the ban is necessary to  prevent a "small minority" from ruining the town center for other  visitors. "We're investing 250 million pounds in our town center and we  are doing everything in our power to create a vibrant, family-friendly  and attractive place for everyone," he explained. Meanwhile, Lauren  Canten, a legal officer for human rights campaign group Liberty, has  described the swearing ban as a "staggering misuse of power."

Source:  UPI