#SnowDE Update: Reduction in Accumulation Kent County - Level 1 Driving Restriction 12AM NCC

This Storm Center Update powered by Tri-State Battery in Newark.

Here is the latest according to the National Weather Service.  

Kent County

A Winter storm warning into effect at 8pm tonight through Tuesday at 4pm.

A Coastal Flood warning will be in effect from Tuesday 7am - 3pm.  


Tonight through 2am expect a mixture of rain, snow and sleet then turning to a rain and sleet combination from 2am to 5am.  Wind gusts up to 31 miles per hour possible.  LOW 32.

Accumulation Monday Night:  Rain, sleet and snow combined expected accumulation 1 to 3 inches.  


Early to late morning expect a rain and sleet mix turning into a snow and sleet mix then tapering down to a chance of snow after afternoon. Possible wind gusts up to 47 miles per hour.  HI 36.

Accumulation Tuesday: less than one inch


Scattered snow showers possible.  LO 22

Accumulation Tuesday Night: less than half an inch

New Castle County

***Governor John Carney has issued a  level 1 driving ban to go into effect for NCC as of 12AM.  Anyone operating a  on state roadways must exercise extra caution.  Nonessential employees both private and public are encouraged to stay off roads unless there is a significant safety, health or business reason to do so***

A Winter storm warning into effect at 8pm tonight through Tuesday at 4pm.


Expect snow into the early morning hours changing to a sleet and snow mix.  Wind gusts upward of 33 miles an hour.  LO 30.

Accumulation Monday Night:  total sleet and snow 3 to 5 inches


Early to mid morning expect a snow and sleet mix turning to all snow around 11 in the morning.  Blowing snow could cause potential issue on the roadways with gusts as high as 47 miles an hour.  HI 33.

Accumulation Tuesday:  3 to 5 inches


Scattered snow showers. LO 22.

Accumulation Tuesday Night:  less than half an inch

Sussex County


Rain and snow possible turning to all rain - heavy at times.  LO 36

Accumulation Monday Night:  little or none


Rain turning to rain and snow mix with wind gusts upward of 34 miles an hour.  HI 46

Accumulation Tuesday:  little or none


40% chance of snow.  LO 26

Accumulation Tuesday Night:  little or none