Illinois House Moves to Make October Zombie Preparedness Month

Yes, having an official "Zombie Preparedness Month" might sound  like a joke on the surface, but it holds serious meaning in Illinois.  Democratic state Representative Emanuel Chris Welch  sponsored the so-called ‘living-dead legislation’ that was actually  adopted by the Illinois House last month designating October as "Zombie  Preparedness Month."

So what gives? When Welch addressed the state House, he explained  that he's been told if people are prepared for zombies, they can deal  with any natural disaster, such as flooding or tornadoes. He  said people would have proper food storage, a safe shelter to go to and  will have taken other steps to survive.

Someone not feeling the humor? Rep. Jeanne Ives, who slams the House for focusing on “fun and games,” instead of the state’s ongoing budget issues. But Rep. Grant Wehrli,  one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said he appreciates the resolution's  good humor is a “good thing.” “It’s not when things go well that we need  a plan,” he offered. “It’s when things go off the rails.”

Source: NBC Chicago