Adele Stops Concert after Fan Goes in to Cardiac Arrest

Adele concerts are known to be emotional  events, but one of her shows in Sydney over the weekend was emotional  for a totally different reason. In case you missed it, a 47-year-old  woman went into cardiac arrest during the singer’s performance, with  security performing chest compressions on her for 15 to 20 minutes  before ambulances arrived.

Adele stopped the show when she saw the commotion going, and told the  crowd that the show’s fireworks were being cancelled. A fan added that  she was “visibly upset for the rest of the show.”

The next night Adele dedicated a song to the ill fan. "I knew what  was going on, but I was really scared, and it was at this point I  stopped the show to make sure she was OK,” Adele said. “I don't know if  she's OK yet but I'd like to sing this song for her tonight."

Adele then sang “Take It All,” and added, “I wish you a speedy  recovery. I look forward to finding out who you are, I don't know who  she is yet and I'll be speaking to you soon, I hope." Check out video of Adele’s reaction to the emergency to the right.

Source: New York Daily News