Retirees Knitting Sweaters for Cold Chickens

A group of retirees are helping out New England's chilly chickens. A  knitting club in suburban Boston are knitting sweaters for poultry that  are not used to the cold weather."I don't think in my wildest  dreams I ever thought anybody made sweaters for chickens," 76-year-old  Barbara Widmayer explains. "There's so much going on these days that's  kind of contentious in the world. It was actually very calming to me to  work on this."It seems like the chickens are digging their new  threads. 

The sweaters are keeping the birds at an estate known as the  Mary M.B. Wakefield Charitable Trust warm and it's noticeably boosted  egg production. Now, the knitting club is considering their next  unusual project, which may be knitting blankets for elephants in India.  "Probably not something we're going to do," organizer Nancy Kearns  explains. "But you never know."

Source: Associated Press