Motorist in New Zealand Gets Ticket

A motorist in New Zealand got slapped with a fine on Sunday for driving  with an unsecured trampoline atop her vehicle, but on the plus side, she  also got a free escort to her destination. "The vehicle in question was  stopped on the city side of the Harbor Bridge and issued with an  infringement notice for traveling with an insecure load," 

Auckland  authorities said in a statement. "Following this, the police unit  ushered the vehicle off the motorway and followed the vehicle a short  distance to their final destination to ensure there was no further risk  to the public." Added eyewitness Brad Jackson, who happens to be a  professional furniture mover, "I couldn't believe it when I saw  was hanging over the side of the car. I've seen beds on [car] roofs, but  not that wide, nothing like this."

Source:  UPI