And the Worse Chore Is....Doing the Laundry

What’s the worst household chore? Not sweeping. “What are you doing  without a vacuum?” writes Deadspin’s Jeb Lund. Cleaning the bathroom’s  not the worst either, because it’s a quick chore, while mowing the lawn  isn’t so bad because “you can enjoy your lawn,” writes Lund. But  doing laundry's the worst. 

“Everything you do laundry-wise is a  surrender to a cruel world that makes you wear pants,” writes Lund, who  clearly wishes public nudity were legal. “The only purpose to washing  clothes is apparently to put them on your body and make them filthy  again in a prudish world that frowns on those who would just wear a tie  and nothing else and proudly Yogi Bear it down the street.”

Source:  Dead Spin