Man Passes Driving Test After 33rd Attempt

If nothing else, Christian Whiteley-Mason is a very persistent man. At 42, the British man finally got his driver's license...after an astounding 25 years of trying

Christian first gave the test a go in 1992, but failed. Over the  years, he spent $12-thousand on more than 85-lessons with 14 different  instructors, but nothing worked. "I had 56 lessons with my first  instructor," Christian remembers, "and eventually he told me to just  give up as I would never pass."

After 33 tries, Christian was able to legally get behind the wheel.  "I'm so proud of myself. It's changed my life to be honest," he says. "I  felt like I'd achieved everything I really wanted to achieve, this was  the one thing left I had to do."

Source: Mirror