Easter Baskets to Be Filled with Candy and Chocolate This Year

Easter is just around the corner and that’s pretty evident when you  walk into any drug store and see aisles filled with all of your favorite  Easter candy. And there’s good reason why there’s so much of it.  According to a new survey by the National Confectioners Association, 90%  of Easter baskets this year are expected to be filled with chocolate or  candy. But sweets won’t be the only thing in baskets, with 79% of folks  including non-edible items like crayons, stuffed animals and books.

As for everyone’s favorite Easter sweets, 52% of people love  chocolate eggs filled with cream, caramel or something else, while  two-thirds of folks like their eggs solid and 16% are okay with hollow  eggs

And it isn’t just kids who’ll be gorging themselves on chocolate this  Easter. The survey finds that 75% of Americans say they share chocolate  or candy with friends and family on the holiday.

Of course, Easter isn’t all about the candy, although some people may  not realize it. In fact, 79% of parents say they plan to decorate eggs  this holiday, while 71% will celebrate by attending an Easter Egg hunt. 

Source: National Confectioners Association