McDonald's to Replace Frozen Patties in Quarter Pounder with Fresh

McDonald’s announced on Thursday that it will begin serving fresh rather  than frozen beef in its Quarter Pounder burgers by mid-2018. According  to The Wall Street Journal, the move from flash-frozen to fresh  beef is the latest step by the fast food chain to lure in consumers who  are looking for fresh, unprocessed foods. 

“We’ve been serving the burger  we serve since 1973, and now we’re changing it,” McDonald’s U.S.  president Chris Kempczinski tells Fortune. “That is big.” The  burgers will now be cooked when they are ordered, instead of in advance  and kept warm--the current procedure intended to speed up service.  McDonald's has already tested fresh beef in 325 restaurants in the  Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas and in 77 restaurants in Tulsa,  Oklahoma. 

Source:  Wall Street Journal