New Company Delivers Birth Control to Your Door

Good news, ladies - It just got easier to get your birth control! is an online birth control support network operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and they just launched a Delivered to Your Door option for your contraception.

Here’s how it works: you put in your zip code to get a list of  services that can bring birth control and emergency contraception right  to your doorstep. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting to the  pharmacy before it closes anymore!

This tool helps you find services like Nurx, The Pill Club, or PillPack that deliver in your area. What’s available near you will depend on  your state’s laws, but Bedsider says most allow contraception to be  delivered to your home.

You might need to fill out a short health questionnaire or do a video  chat with a prescriber first, but a lot of the services have free  shipping and accept health insurance. Some even let users sign up for  automatic refills - which means no more forgetting yours!

So not only would this make your life easier, it will also help women  who don’t have a provider nearby to get the birth control they need.  And we’re all for accessible options.

Source: Shape