Uber Driver Discovers BF Cheating on Her When She Picks Up Side Chick

Meet Bree, an Uber driver who's become a viral sensation known as  #UberBae after she tweeted about discovering that her boyfriend was  cheating on her when she unknowingly picked up his side chick and drove  her to his apartment. Bree, who is known as @Msixelaa on Twitter, shared  a detailed account of how she came to realize the ugly truth.  Apparently, Bree's boyfriend said he was leaving town to visit his  mother in the hospital. He even had his bags packed. After spending the  night together, the pair said goodbye and got in their respective cars.  "Fast forward to an hour ago, I pick a girl up at the airport," 

Bree  wrote. "She puts the apartment complex in the GPS. She said she's here  to visit her boyfriend and she's so excited...Fast forward  to us pulling up to the gate at the apartment complex. I'm like, 'My  boyfriend lives out here.'" Long story short, it turned out that the  woman was there to see Bree's so-called boyfriend. For those doubting  the story, Bree swears that she didn't make any of it up. “This is one hundred percent real," she tells Complex.  "I guess people thought it was fake because they’re like, 'How don’t  you know your man’s address?' It’s an apartment complex address, not the  apartment number. I just believe it was like, fate, and God trying to  tell me to finally leave him alone." Bree also says, understandably,  that she's now single.

Source:  Daily Mail