Acne Vaccination in the Works

Are you still battling breakouts? It’s not just you – more adult women are getting acne every year, according to acne specialist Dr. Joshua Zeichner. And he says no one really knows why it’s happening, but there are about 50-million Americans diagnosed with acne every year. 

That’s a huge amount of people - more than the population of Australia or Canada.But even with all these people with acne, there’s not a real cure for the skin condition because scientists don’t know the real cause of it. But there’s hope on the horizon - doctors are working on an acne vaccine at the University of California, San Diego and that could mean future generations will have the clear skin of our dreams.

Acne is caused, in part, by P. acnes bacteria – which we have our whole life. And in some ways it’s good for us. But scientists are working on a vaccine that can block the negative acne-causing effects of P. acnes without killing the bacteria themselves.

So far it’s looking promising and they’ll be testing it out on patients in clinical trials starting soon. And in a few years, the way we treat acne could be totally different. Let’s hope we’re not still breaking out by then.

Source: Allure