Man Loses Both Legs and Could Lose Both Arms from Spider Bite

Terry Pareja was visiting visiting family in  Birchip, Australia when he was bit on the leg by a white-tailed spider.  He didn't realize anything was wrong until the next day when his leg  began to swell. There weren't any doctors in the tiny town of 662 people  and by the time he sought medical help, flesh-eating bacteria had taken  hold. 

Pareja has had both of his legs amputated and according to his  family, he may need to get both his arms amputated too because the  bacteria is still in his body. Pareja's family has started a GoFundMe page to help cover the mounting medical costs. 

Perhaps the only silver lining of the entire situation? Plenty of  people are chipping in to help. So far, the Parejas have raised over  $23-thousand. 

Source: News.Au