Quadruplet Sons All Accepted to Same Ivy League Schools

A  family in Ohio is celebrating after all four of their quadruplet sons  were accepted to Harvard University and Yale University this week. The New York Post reports that the Wade brothers of northern Cincinnati learned this week  that they were collectively accepted to the Ivy League schools, among  others. 

“We’re grateful to our parents and the Lakota school district  because it’s really something we couldn’t have done on our own without  all the support we have had through our lives,” Nick Wade told reporters  this week after learning of the acceptances. “It has been awesome.”  

According to The New York Times, the brothers took a unique  approach with their applications: They wrote essays about being part of a  quad that can be read separately, yet were meant to be read together,  like four pieces of a puzzle--and it worked. While Nick and his brothers  Aaron, Nigel, and Zachary haven’t made their decisions, Aaron has his  eyes on Stanford University. 

The three others are reportedly leaning  toward Yale, but are waiting to see what kind of financial aid they’ll  receive. 

Source:  New York Post