Woman Grabs 12ft Python Instead of Yogurt at Grocery Store

One woman's recent supermarket visit in South Africa turned into a total  trip when she reached for some yogurt in a refrigerated dairy and wound  up grabbing a 12-foot python instead. "I don't know how it got in  there, but it could have come in through the roof or the drains and it  ended up in the shop fridge," store manager Martie Esnouf tells The Sun.  "We have a lot of bush behind the shops and there are lots of snakes in  there...The last thing we wanted to do was hurt it and it will be  released safely in the wild." A snake catcher who was brought to  successfully wrangle the African Rock python said that the creature was  resting in state of near-hibernation, as the refrigerated case had  caused the cold-blooded animal's organs to shut down.

Source:  The Sun