Best Color to Wear on Job Interview

Getting ready for a job interview is no doubt stressful, and in  addition to being prepared for even the oddest question, picking the  right outfit to wear can also cause a huge case of the nerves. Well, it  seems folks shouldn’t stress too hard, at least over what color outfit  to wear. A new survey finds that black is basically your safest bet. 

A survey by SmartRecruiters looked at 180 applicants who nabbed a  job, and 1,800 who didn’t and finds that 70% of those who were hired  wore mostly black outfits, with only 30% of those rejected opting for  black.

And if you’re worried that you may not be as pretty as other  applicants, you shouldn’t be. The survey finds that 80% of those who  successfully landed jobs described themselves as either average looking  or “slightly unattractive,” while 66% of those rejected considered  themselves “attractive” or “very attractive.”

Source: CBS News