Top Paying Companies in US

If money is the sole factor for you when it comes to picking a job,  you may want to pay attention. Glassdoor just came out with their annual  list of the highest paying companies in America and if you’re looking  for a huge paycheck, you better hope you’re qualified to work in tech  firms, consulting groups, medical facilities, and financial  institutions, because they seem to be paying the highest salaries. 

Glassdoor compiled their list of the Best Paying Companies based on  anonymous salary reports from employees who volunteer their information.  Coming in at number one for a second consecutive year is the consulting  firm AT Kearney, where the median annual salary for employees is $175K a  year, followed by another consulting firm, Strategy&, where the  median salary is $172,000 a year.

Top Ten Highest Paying Companies In America For 2017(click here for the complete list of 25)

  1. AT Kearney ($175,000)
  2. Strategy& ($172,000)
  3. VMware ($167,050)
  4. Splunk ($161,000)
  5. Cadence Design Systems ($156,702)
  6. Google ($155,250)
  7. Facebook ($155,000)
  8. Nvidia ($154,000)
  9. McKinsey & Company ($153,000)
  10. Amazon Lab126 ($152,800) 

Source: Glassdoor