90s Kids, Rejoice! Tamagotchi Is Back

Good news for nostalgic adults who grew up in the ‘90s. Japan-based toy  company Bandai has rebooted a game modeled after the original  Tamagotchi. The Telegraph reports that the re-released Tamagotchi  handheld game made its debut on Amazon Japan earlier this year and  stays relatively true to the original, with its monochromatic display  and six original Tamagotchi characters that users must keep alive. 

Tamagotchi became a huge craze in Japan in 1996, and the United States  in 1997; to date, more than 76 million of the egg-shaped gadgets have  been sold worldwide. The new version is currently available in six  colors via Amazon Japan for 2,000 yen (roughly $18).

Source:  The Huffington Post