DNA Test Reveals Married Couple Are Actually Biological Twins

A married couple from Mississippi has discovered that they are actually biological twins. The Mississippi Herald reports  that the pair had undergone DNA tests at a fertility clinic because  they were struggling to conceive a child. "We wouldn't normally check to  see if there was a relationship between the two samples, but in this  case, the lab assistant involved was shocked by the similarity of each  profile," their unnamed physician explains. When he informed the couple,  they thought he was joking and laughed. 

"The husband said that a lot of  people remarked on the fact that they shared the same birthdays, and  looked similar to each other, but he said it was just a funny  coincidence and that the couple were definitely not related," the doctor  continues. "The poor man had no idea." Sadly, the biological parents of  the couple died when they were infants and both were put into state  care. They were then adopted by separate families and due to a filing  error, neither foster family ever knew that their adopted child had a  twin. The couple is now considering the future of their relationship. 

Source:  Mississippi Herald