Americans Weigh In on Pot

The idea that the average pot smoker is a “loner stoner” is no longer  the norm these days, but now a new report, released in conjunction with  4/20, a.k.a. World Cannabis Day, reveals more info on the state of pot  in America, uncovering how Americans really feel about marijuana and the  growing cannabis industry.

Overall, the survey finds 22% of Americans have used pot  recreationally in the last year, while 24% admit they would use it if it  were legal. Millennials are the biggest pot smokers, with 30% of  18-34-year-olds using it the most, while 27% of pot smokers make less  than $60,000, with usage up most among men (11%).

As for why most people smoke pot, 31% say they do it to promote  relaxation and wellbeing, while 24% use it to reduce and  relieve anxiety. And they’re not just smoking it, with 54% having tried  edibles, while younger users prefer to vape it.

And if you think pot smokers as a bunch of stoners sitting on a  couch doing nothing, you may not be completely wrong. Most pot smokers  are likely to spend their time watching TV (52%), eating (45%) or  listening to music (41%). But they are also folks who socialize (33%)  and drink alcohol (31%), although younger folks are less likely to smoke  and drink as compared to those over 35.When it comes to pot legalization, most Americans are in favor of it  (57%), with men (67%) and Millennials (68%) among the biggest  supporters. For users in states where pot isn’t currently legal, 37% say  they’d use more if it were to become legalized. Meanwhile, only 16% of  Americans think pot is “very harmful,” which is less than those who  think the same about alcohol (27%), processed sugar (23%) and saturated  fats (33%).ONE MORE THING! In another marijuana poll, 47% of parents who use marijuana say they've done it in front of  their adult children, and even shared it with them. Meanwhile, 25% of  marijuana users say they've used it in front of or with their parents.  On the flipside, 79% of Americans say they'd have a negative view of  parents who used pot in front of their children.