Facebook Murderer Kills Himself After Cop Chase, McDonald's Order

An alert McDonald's employee in Pennsylvania is being credited with tipping off police to the so-called Facebook killer.

Thomas DuCharme Jr., owner and operator of the McDonald's near Erie, said Steve Stephens was  recognized by a drive-through window attendant, who called authorities.  Stephens was found dead in his car of a self-inflicted gunshot wound  yesterday after a brief police chase that began in the McDonald's  parking lot.

Workers at the restaurant said Stephens ordered 20 nuggets and fries  before police arrived. They delayed giving Stephens the fries to give  police time to arrive, but he drove off. State Police didn't say whether  anyone would be eligible for the 50-thousand-dollar award that was  being offered. As we told you previously, Stephens was the subject of a nationwide manhunt after he allegedly shot and killed Robert Godwin Sr. in Cleveland, Ohio on Easter Sunday and posted a video of it on Facebook.

Source: CBS Philly