How Much Brides Spend on Wedding Dresses

When most women get engaged and start thinking about their wedding  day, their dress is at the top of their list. But depending on budgets  and how they want to prioritize spending, the dress they dream of  wearing on their walk down the aisle may not be the one they end up  with.

With all the designer gowns out there, as well as discount designer  dresses and custom creations, wedding dress prices are all over the  place. But how much is it realistic to budget for a wedding dress?  Thanks to wedding stats released in 2017 by The Knot, now we know.

It turns out the average price for a wedding dress in 2016 was  $1,564, which is up from 2015 (when it was $1,469). Aside from the  venue, photographer, and wedding planner, the dress was one of the  biggest expenses for a wedding. And every bride deserves to feel  beautiful in her wedding dress, it just might take a little budget  adjusting to be able to afford the one she picks out.